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Randi Lee Trimble
Born in Virginia
28 years
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Memorial Letters

 I have many special memories of Randi but I think the most memorable are the very simple times like when she would come over to my house after school before we had to be back to load the band bus to go to a football game.  It used to be pretty much a routine.  If we didn't have band practice we would bring her back to our house and then we would drop her off at her Grandma's house when her mom got off of work.  I will always remember my mom made pizza meatballs one night for dinner and Randi fell in love with them.  From that night on every time she came over she would beg my mom for those meatballs.  Even years later even after Randi had graduated from college every time she would see me or my mom she wanted pizza meatballs. 

      It is definitely the simple things that I remember most.  She was my very first friend at Trinity high school.  We were both transferring in from other schools and didn't know anybody.  We met over the summer in band camp.  I don't think I would have made it through high school and especially freshman year with out her.  Even after we graduated high school and I didn't get to talk to her as often as I would have liked she always made sure that we kept in touch.  When I moved back to Pennsylvania from Florida about 2 and a half years ago she was the first one to call me when she found out I had moved back and we talked for 2 hours.  Anyway I have many memories but it is definitely the simple times that stand out the most. 


Donna Ziegler

Memorial Letters

I didn’t have much of an opportunity to know her, but I remember her attending our small wedding ceremony on Dec 24, 1987, Christmas Eve Day, at our current home in Mechanicsburg. She was probably 11 or 12.


Our home was decorated for the holidays and she was so excited over “wrapped gifts.” I gave her a token of our wedding ceremony, along with her two cousins from Warminster, Elisabeth and Michael, a small bean reindeer. It brought a lot of joy to her, hugging her ever so small gift of love. I hold this moment of happiness in Randi’s younger years of meeting her, close to my heart. When I glance through our little wedding album at times, I reflect upon this precious memory.


Mrs. Peggy A. Peck

2615 N. Rosegarden Blvd

Mechanicsburg, PA 17005


Memorial Letters

I shared a place with Randi while we both attended Bloomsburg University.  We lived in a trailer in Buckhorn.  When we met, I knew she was one I could trust.  She was younger than me but she was mature, independent and responsible.  I remember going home to my mother’s on the weekends and sometimes telling my mother how I admired Randi for her persistence in her studies and how driven she was to accomplish the goals in her life.  No matter how tired she was, she closed her bedroom door every night and studied for hours.  She was an excellent student and worked hard.  She really did like what she was doing.  I wished that I had that kind of joy in my studies.  Because of Randi, I sought out academic counseling that year and was able to find the career I wanted to pursue.  I changed my course of studies, passed with flying colors, and landed an administrative position the day after graduation.  Being in Randi’s company helped me find my niche in life.  She was a positive influence for me.  Randi was someone I admired and always wished her the best life could offer.  Although we did not keep in touch after we parted, I sometimes thought about her and even thought of trying to contact her just to say “hello”.   

A couple of weeks ago, I was crushed to find out what happened to Randi last year.  I was in disbelief and shock for a couple of days.  My heart grieves, especially for Randi’s mother.  I remember how close Randi was to her mother.  Please accept my condolences and prayers.  Although I can’t imagine the void in the hearts of those who were close to her, I pray that that void is not filled with hate, anger, or bitterness.  I pray that God can fill that void with His peace and comfort, in Jesus’ name.




Josephine Balsamo

506 Apartment D

Indian Creek Drive

Wilkes-Barre, PA 18702 



Memorial Letters

I met Randi at Bloomsburg University in Marching Band.  Then we came to discover we were in the same major – Speech Language Pathology.  I was two years ahead of her, so I gave her hints and ideas as she needed them.  I also had the chance to live with her in an on campus apartment for a semester.  She was definitely a study-a-holic and I tried to encourage her to take study breaks – but it didn’t happen very often.  Randi was very dedicated to learning and becoming a great speech language pathologist.


Randi achieved those things – she was dedicated not only to her field of work but to her friends as well and most of all, her family.  I remember Randi for her close relationship with her mother, one of her best friends.  I remember Randi for her smile – it was so freely given.  I remember Randi for her laughter – it was a cute little laugh and contagious as well.  I remember Randi for her kindness  - she was always thinking of others.  I remember Randi for her hair – this may sound weird, but she always seemed to be trying a new hairdo – and it always looked great – the last time I saw her she had beautiful big curls and had it up almost in two pigtails that seemed to bounce just as she did.  Randi and I didn’t get to spend much time together, but we always caught up with each other quickly on the phone.


It’s hard to sit and write this letter – it’s so hard to believe that she will be gone from us for a year.  I think of her often and there are times I still think in my head that “Oh,.I should share this info. With Randi” and then I remember that she is not here.  I miss Randi…I miss her love of life, her smile, her thoughtfulness, her kindness, her friendship.  Randi was a special person whose life was cut way too short, but I hope that we can all live our lives to the fullness that Randi lived hers.


Thanks for the opportunity to share thoughts and memories of Randi.


Brenda Gould

Memorial Letters

I was at Nancy’s house more than a few times when Randi came home.  It was always a whirlwind.  As soon as Randi opened the door, before she was in the house, she would start talking to her Mom about something that happened that day.  (And as she entered, the storm door would bang loudly behind her and Monique would start barking.)  So here comes Randi in the house, usually with a pocketbook on one arm, a bag full with some type of work in the other, something in her hands – starting with Hey Mom or Mom, guess what – and telling her story of the day.  It was usually a happy story – as though she couldn’t wait to get home to share the day’s events with her Mom.  When it was a “problem” day, Randi was still upbeat quickly spilling her story to her Mom and asking her Mom’s advice.  She would quickly give me a “hello” and fall into the kitchen chair, with all her stuff pouring on the table and floor looking at her Mom and smiling. 


When I worked with Nancy, I remember Randi and her Mom talking on the telephone everyday even when Nancy was on the road.  Every conversation ended with an “I love you.” 


I remember a lot of smiles and laughter when Randi and Nancy were together – even if it was while they were doing yard work.


Randi told me I was her friend as well as her Mom’s friend and use to ask me to intercede on her behalf when Nancy and she disagreed about something!!


Randi looked forward to her future with a sense of adventure and excitement.  She treasured little things like a new recipe, craft projects and a great sale.  She had an incredible spirit and found joy in making others happy, never expecting much in return.  She was kind and thoughtful, honest and caring, generous and gentle, strong but sensitive.  She was a lovely woman who worked hard and built strong relationships, looking to bring comfort to those around her.  Imagine all the wonderful acts that are left undone now that she’s gone.


Mary Joe Shaub

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